#Squats Not Shots: Keep it 100

Literally everyday there is a new fitness influencer that has graced our timelines showing off their ''Transformation Tuesday'' body goals. We follow their pages, gawk at their videos and pictures and wonder what are they doing that I'm not to make my body look like that. Now I will admit, I'm a victim of this completely. My timeline is filled with fitness women that truly motivate to put down that pint of ice cream and get my ass to the gym. I follow a plethora of women from those that have a banging body to those that are currently transforming. Either way I love to see our women going to gym, eating healthy, and encouraging each other to do the same. As the old cliche' saying goes, ''Health is wealth''. But here is something that I have been noticing and often makes me go, ''Hmmm.''  You see we are in an era of instant gratification in all realms. From making money to achieving the ideal body and because of this it has trickled into the fitness world and there are so many women that opt to get a Brazilian Butt Lift and use the facade that squats and fully achieved it. Wrong. Let me put this disclaimer in first. Yes I have thought about it but I figured the satisfaction of work a butt off ( no pun intended) in the gym on a consistent basis would be my greatest personal gratification. Don't get me wrong if that is what floats your boat and float on sis but let's not make us believe the hype, that's all I'm saying. There was a post that caught my attention, which is what compelled me to even write this because it was accurate on so many levels. @thicknfit6 made the post on Instagram you see featured and when I read it, instant applause especially for the people in the back. Her message was clear, don't believe the hype. I always found it ironic that they would sell you the story but they simply didn't really write it. Your body will conform to you, your hard work will be rewarded, your goals will not go unnoticed.

Keep going !!!