How to Stick with Your Resolutions

Happy New Year Bella Beast Gang!!!

As we start this new year there are a few things that we will see...More people in the gym, commercials for weight loss, and tons of ads and models promoting some new diet fad. Well these fade over time trust me by late February you will see the gym parking lot dwindle. But my goal is to ensure that you maintain and stick to it.

 First, do not I repeat do not beat yourself up for missing a day at the gym or ordering that pizza. We all slip up but the goal is to get back on track. Placing yourself on a schedule is a major key. Being a mom and fitness lover you pretty much have no choice to maintain some type of control. 

Next, make sure you are doing this for you. With all the fitness models that pop up on timelines it's easy to get discouraged because your body does not look like that yet...but don't..Please understand that many of these women did have a bit of help to get that way but maintained discipline. Everything takes time and patience.Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

And of course ..Have fun!!! Going to the gym or doing any activity should not be dreadful. Think of how your body is going to look when you reach your goal!!!

Stay Fierce!!